Club riders have logged 2,928 miles in 2018!   
Last year the club logged 27,375 miles!   

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Ray Miller
Curly Culp
Race Director
Rob Latham


2018 NARC Signup!

Signups for the 2018 year are now open through March 31st

Annual Membership is $90 and includes a custom Hincapie NARC jersey or Tri-top, NARC Socks, social event(s) and free or discounted entry into up to two organized rides.
Last but not lease you will receive a 15 percent discount on all items at Free Flite except bicycles, labor, or sale items.
Additional clothing is available when you sign up.
(ride discounts and social events dependent on sponsor support)

Come join metro Atlanta's biggest and best known cycling club!

Members please use your login and click the link on the homepage to get started.

Non-members, please click "Join Us" to get started.

Members please submit questions through Bike Chat.
Non members may contact us through the "Contact Us" link at left.


CLICK HERE to see the list of ALL ITEMS!

We will post images of this year's design when it is finalized!

The 2018 signup will close at midnight, Saturday, March 31. Don't miss it!!

The 2018 Clothing
is Finalized!

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Click HERE to see this year's selection of club clothing
Join us and add your name to the list of riders achieving these milestones!
100+ last Week 1 members rode over 100 miles last week!!!
100+ last Month 2 members rode 100-250 miles last month!!!
250+ last Month 1 members rode 250-400 miles last month!!!
400+ last Month 1 members rode over 400 miles last month!!!
1000+ This Year 1 members have ridden over 1000 miles this year!!!
Join us and add your name to the list of riders achieving these milestones!
1000+ LAST Year 2 members rode over 1000 miles last year!!!
3000+ LAST Year 2 members rode over 3000 miles last year!!!
5000+ LAST Year 2 members rode over 5000 miles last year!!!