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"Clinton Nature Preserve is being "Clearcut" for an" ( 1 comments , last Jan 25, 1:42PM )      Collapse this topic   
Posted Jan 25, 10:17AM By jrc
Frisbee golf course. If anyone rides, walks, Mountain Bikes or rides horses and have or hope to

enjoy the outdoors at "Clinton Nature Preserve", please take the time to write our commissioner

that has "requested" this. An update on what is happening.

"Just wanted to update everyone on what we know about the new frisbee golf course going in at Clinton. It seems the damage is worse than we thought. The guy is clear cutting huge tracks of land to make a course even he said would hardly be used. Parts of Cricket are already destroyed, nature trail and Helter are next. The County Commissioner Ann Guider is the one who requested this be done. Please call and Email her office to let her know your opinion on this matter. Please share this information with anyone you know who hikes, bikes, runs or rides horses out at Clinton. We have put a lot of work into building and maintaining these trails to have them clear cut. Please be tactful and polite in your remarks. Thanks for your help. 770-920-7266."

Thanks, Joe Crane
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